World Class Portable DR Performance

The lightweight, easy to maneuver IQ Flex portable X-ray system delivers world class digital radiography in a compact design about the size of a water cooler. Small, but powerful, the IQ Flex is a complete portable X-ray acquisition and image management system ideal for onsite medical imaging.

Whether you need a system to handle overflow, meet demand for home health and remote care services, or are developing new imaging capabilities, the IQ Flex is robust, reliable and simple to operate. Equally at home in a clinic, office or mobile van, the IQ Flex gives you world class performance when and where you need it.

With the new IQ FlexPLUS, you can even perform fluoroscopy studies in remote locations. Click here to explore in more detail.

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IQ Flex on the move

Goes Where You Need It

The result of careful analysis and user-focused engineering, the IQ Flex portable X-ray is packed with robust capabilities but is easy to transport and operate.

With an optional multi-day battery, you won’t need to search for the nearest grounded outlet. So, take the IQ Flex where you need it with the knowledge that you can safely, securely and easily get the images you need.

After all, your patients need your attention more than your equipment should.

Telehealth and Home Care Solutions

Ideal Home Health Solution

When combined with optional resting ECG and compact ultrasound system, the battery powered IQ Flex portable DR becomes a powerful home health system that can be transported to virtually any location.
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Easily transportable
  • Full DICOM integration

Robust & Refined DR

Robust & Refined DR

The IQ Flex comes with an IQ Aspire DR panel from 1st Source to maximize your investment and improve patient care. With high resolution, dose efficient imaging and rapid acquisition, 1st Source DR panels benefit both clinicians and patients.
  • Wireless
  • All-day battery
  • Cell phone image review
  • Up to 8 fps motion capable*
  • No drop insurance needed!

* Work-in-Progress

IQ Aspire DR Panels

User Driven Precison Design

The precision gas strut makes it easy to deploy or stow the X-ray tube.

Stability leg facilitates stable positioning under beds and chairs.

360º front wheels provide excellent maneuverability in tight spaces.

Stability leg is foot activated and easily slides to extension and retraction.

Integrated DR panel storage tilts for easy access and re-secures for transport.

Non-marking rubber wheels and large handles to aid maneuverability.

Compact and ready to transport with cable-wrap hooks built into the handles.

Wheel and tube arm locks are clearly marked in red for rapid identification.

Made For Mobile

Designed fold into a compact unit that fits easily into vans, the IQ Flex is 26″ wide to fit through standard doorways. Large rubber wheels help you maneuver the IQ Flex through doorways, up stairs and on uneven surfaces. IQ Flex goes places other portable X-ray systems may not be able to go.
IQ Flex Measurements
IQ Flex Software

Avanse Image Management

With integrated Avanse software to help acquire and manage DR images, you’re assured of the highest quality digital radiography. Whether you’re on the road or in the clinic, the comprehensive DICOM capabilities facilitate efficient worklist and image management.

  • Generator control
  • Simple 3-step exam workflow
  • Anatomy driven image processing
  • Advanced post-processing
  • Complete DICOM integration

Download the Brochure

IQ Flex Brochure
If you’d like to learn even more about IQ Flex portable X-ray, download a PDF of the brochure by filling out the info below.
IQ Flex Brochure

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