Vision U


Vision U, Digital Universal X-ray System

Vision U


High Performance Universal X-ray System

The Vision U digital universal X-ray system enables efficient and flexible radiographic imaging for mobile and immobile patients. Used for a wide variety of general and specialized diagnostic imaging applications, the Vision U’s optimally adjusted, anatomy specific imaging and image processing protocols produce crystal clear visualization at significantly lower doses than film and CR. Perfect for use in hospital, outpatient or office-based settings.

Simple and Efficient X-ray

With traditional controls on the X-ray head or the optional tablet control screen, the Vision U offers simple and efficient universal X-ray operation.

  • Anatomy specific imaging
  • High frequency generator
  • DICOM worklist and archiving
Efficient Digital X-ray Exams
Motorized Autopositioning

Motorized Auto-positioning

The Vision U facilitates motorized, programmable auto-positioning in all directions to streamline patient positioning and image acquisition.

  • Wide range of rotational movement
  • Automated exam setup
  • Accepts up to 17″ x 17″ DR panel

Avanse Image Management

With integrated Avanse software to help acquire and manage DR images, you’re assured of the highest quality results. Comprehensive DICOM capabilities facilitate efficient worklist and image management.

  • System control
  • Simple 3-step exam workflow
  • Anatomy driven image processing
  • Advanced post-processing
  • DICOM/HL7 integration
Avanse DR Image Software
IQ Aspire DR Panels

Robust & Refined DR

Robust & Refined DR

Retrofitting your existing X-ray with an IQ Aspire DR panel from 1st Source maximizes your investment and improves your patient care. With high resolution, dose efficient imaging and rapid acquisition, 1st Source DR panels benefit both clinicians and patients.
  • Wireless
  • All-day battery
  • Cell phone image review
  • Up to 8 fps motion capable*
  • No drop insurance needed!

* Work-in-Progress

Stitching X-ray Exams

With the Vision U universal X-ray system’s optional patient stitching stand, multi-exposure X-ray exams for stitching studies can be easily performed.

  • Easy to move into place
  • Stable, locking wheels
  •  Non-slip surface
  • Patient hand grips
Optional Patient Stitching Stand