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Pioneering Medical Imaging Excellence since 1999

For over two decades, 1st Source has redefined medical imaging. As innovators and builders, our in-house manufacturing distinctly sets us apart, showcasing our hands-on approach and dedication to quality control. This isn’t just a claim— it’s a deep-rooted belief showcased by our efforts to make x-ray imaging easier.

Our expansive range of solutions, tailored for portable x-ray providers, orthopedics, medical examiners, veterinarians, coroner’s offices, sports teams, and beyond, underscores our versatility in meeting diverse needs, from digital x-ray upgrades to custom software deployments and retrofits. Beyond products, our seasoned consultants, backed by years of industry expertise, reinforce our commitment to precision and superior service.  

Our expansive range of solutions is tailored to meet the demanding requirements from portable x-ray providers and military applications to the hospital setting, and everything in between. Through cooperative interests with medical, veterinary, and OEM partners, 1st Source has continued to grow our presence throughout various industries. Our relationship-based approach ensures our customers’ interests and needs are at the forefront of what we do every day. 

Our focus? Delivering unparalleled customer and technical support. But don’t just take our word for it. 

Our testimonials speak volumes:

“We have used 1st Source as our X-ray equipment supplier for several years. Their DR Tech detector, combined with a flexible software solution with great customer support, keeps our technicians more efficient in their day-to-day productivity.” 

Etai Sooliman
CEO, All Stat Portable, Greater Chicago Area

“We made the decision in 2018 to switch our entire mobile X-ray company over to 1st Source.  We have been in business since 1989 and can confidently say that their customer service is by far the best in the industry. We have DR panels and X-ray machines operating remotely all over the state of Florida and we need a company that can respond quickly to help get us back up and running when we have technology issues. It takes a lot of stress off our shoulders, knowing that we can simply call First Source and get the help we need immediately.”

Andrew Rosebrough
President, Portable Medical Diagnostics, Inc., Lake Worth, Florida

Journey with 1st Source Medical Imaging. Together, let’s envision a clearer future.

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