Ultimate C-Arm Solutions for Every Clinical Need

Whether you’re conducting complex surgeries or routine procedures, Extron C-Arm series offer unparalleled image quality and dose efficiency. Our Extron 7 and Extron 5 models are designed to give healthcare providers an edge in imaging and operational efficiency.

Ultimate Low Dose Platform

  • Minimize radiation exposure without compromising quality: Extron C-Arm series offer multiple low-dose options to provide the safest environment for both the medical staff and patients.
X-ray Mode Option Dose
Continuous HD Mode 120%
Normal Mode 100%
Low Dose Mode 60%
Min Dose Mode 50%
Dynamic Pulse Low Mode Motion: 20 pps
No Motion: 10 pps
Pulse Low Dose Standard Dose Mode 50%
Half Dose Mode 25%
Quarter Dose Mode 12.5%

Note: Above figures are subject to change

Advanced Imaging Technologies

  • ABC Auto Brightness Control: Automatic optimization of image contrast and brightness.
  • IMC Instant Dose Mode Change: Rapid switching between dose modes without affecting image quality.
  • Real-Time Noise Reduction: Achieve stable images within 0.2 seconds.
  • Optimized Motion Detection: Specialized for Low Dose Mode.

User-Friendly Features

  • Auto Drag Collimator with Digital Zoom: Simplified imaging area selection.
  • Smart Memory Position: Efficient workflow with saved settings and fast automatic exposure control.
  • Fast & Easy Recovery: 7-8 minute factory reset.

Reliability & Backup

  • Emergency Radioscopy: Built-in backup systems for continuous operation.
  • Mirroring System: Redundant hard disks to ensure data safety.

Additional Features

  • Air-Kerma & DAP: Standard and optional measurement functions for radiation dosage.

Extron 7 and Extron 5 Models Compared

Feature Extron 7 Extron 5
Detector IGZO flat-panel 21cm x 21cm / 30cm x 30cm IGZO flat-panel 21cm x 21cm / 30cm x 30cm
Image Resolution 1.5k x 1.5k / 2k x 2k 1.5k x 1.5k / 2k x 2k
Power Generator 15kW Fluoroscopy only
Immersion Depth 74 cm 74 cm
Free Space 80 cm 80 cm
Orbital Movement 165° 165°
Monitor Size 43” / 31.5” (Medical) 43” / 31.5” (Medical)
Footswitch Wireless Option Wireless Option

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