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The lightweight, easy to maneuver IQ Flex-M portable X-ray system delivers world class x-ray imaging capabilities in a compact design that fits into many vehicles. Small, but powerful, the 2.5kW IQ Flex-M is a complete portable X-ray acquisition and image management system ideal for both onsite and offsite medical imaging.

Whether you need to meet demand for home health and remote care services, a system to handle overflow, or are developing new imaging capabilities, the IQ Flex-M is robust, reliable and simple to operate. Equally at home in a clinic, office or mobile van, the IQ Flex-M gives you world class performance when and where you need it.

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Goes Where You Need It

A portable X-ray machine that is specifically designed to deliver care in a home, office, hospital or nursing facility, the IQ Flex-M has been built for convenient and rapid operation.

In addition to the integrated clinical features, the IQ Flex-M is designed to fit through doorways and in a variety of vehicles, so you can take the system where you need it to safely, securely and easily get the images you need.

Powerful. Precise. Reliable.

The IQ Flex-M’s integrated 2.5 kW generator allows you to image of a wide range of patients, while its Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology ensures operation even when power sources fluctuate.

  • 2.5 kw, 40-100 kV
  • 90-220 Volt operation
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Fully integrated generator 
IQ Flex M Generator

EVS W Series Logo Text EVS W Series

Every Day DR

The IQ Flex-M now features the EVS W Series DR panel from 1st Source, a fusion of advanced engineering and unparalleled durability. Tailored for you while on the move, it offers swift image acquisition and robustness, thanks to its aluminum unibody construction. 

  • Active area options: 10” x 12”, 14” x 17”, and 17” x 17”
  • Up to 500 exposures on a single battery charge
  • Robust IP54 protection against fluids and dust

Features at a Glance:

  • Superior CsI sensors for precise imaging.
  • Rugged aluminum unibody design.
  • OLED display for clear detector status.

User Driven Precision Design

The result of clinical feedback and user-focused engineering, the IQ Flex-M portable X-ray is packed with robust capabilities but is easy to transport and operate.

Light, but strong aluminum construction facilitates easy transport and combines with integrated features for quick setup and simple image acquisition.

IQ Flex-M


2.5kw, 40-100kV generator with ergonomic controls on both front and back.

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Easily deploy or stow the X-ray tube.

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Securely store DR panels during transport.

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Foot activated extension leg for stable positioning.

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Non-marking wheels for easy maneuverability.

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Rapid image acquisition and review.

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IQ Flex Software

Integrated Image Management

With integrated software to acquire and manage DR images, you are assured to receive the highest quality digital radiography. Whether you’re on the road or in the clinic, the comprehensive DICOM capabilities facilitate efficient workflow and image management.

  • Generator sync: control x-ray techniques on screen 
  • Simple three-click exam workflow
  • Anatomy-driven image processing
  • Complete DICOM integration
Telehealth and Home Care Solutions

Ideal Home Health Solution

When combined with optional resting ECG and compact ultrasound system, the IQ Flex-M portable solution becomes a powerful home health system that can be transported to virtually any location.

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