Discover the EXPEED Long Length Detector

The EXPEED LLD Detector prioritizes high-resolution imaging for diverse radiography needs.

The Future of General Radiography

  • Single Shot Excellence: Captures high-resolution, unmanipulated long-length images in one shot, perfect for leg-length and spine exams.
  • Cutting-edge Auto ROI Technology: Adjustable ROI with multi-mode imaging, enabling images of any body part without limitations.
  • Improved Patient Experience: Rapid image capture reduces exam discomfort, ensures patient safety, and eliminates the need for retakes.

Key Features

  • World’s First Auto ROI: Streamlined workflow with real-time recognition of exposed areas.
  • High Performance, Low-Dose Imaging: Powered by the QX-Platform, TRUVIEW ART, DEPAI AI, and other revolutionary technologies.

LLD Bucky Stand: Enhancing Usability & Versatility

  • Perfect Versatility: Manual vertical & lateral adjustments. The stand and handles can rotate 90 degrees, accommodating diverse clinical applications.
  • Durability & Precision: Comes with an easily attachable radiopaque X-ray lead ruler that resists physical damage.
  • Space Efficiency: Suitable for small spaces, ensuring optimal space utilization.
  • Convenient & Upgradable: No complex electronics, easily integrates with any suitable X-ray system. Adjustable patient handles promote stability during imaging.

Technical Specs

Application Static / Dynamic Static / Dynamic
Active Area IGZO IGZO
Panel 430 x 1285 mm 420 x 860 mm
Pixel Pitch 140 μm 140 μm
Resolution 3072 x 9216 3072 x 6144
Dimensions 450 x 1310 x 20 mm 450 x 880 x 20 mm

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