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Everyday Excellence for Your Imaging Needs

Crafted with advanced aluminum unibody construction, the EVS W Series is a game-changer for those who find themselves in highly demanding environments, constantly on the move. It’s built for those who won’t settle for mediocrity, making it a perfect detector for a variety of imaging applications.  

DR Panel

Confident Imaging with Unparalleled Quality

EVS W Series panels use leading-edge FOCUS CsI scintilators to efficiently capture detailed images, ensuring diagnostic confidence. Combined with a robust build, these panels are truly built for the professionals looking for efficiency in imaging.

  • 10×12”, 14×17”, 17×17”
  • Aluminum unibody construction
  • QLED Display for User Convenience

With a quick image acquisition time of just 4 seconds, the EVS W Series ensures a faster and more efficient workflow. The OLED display provides easy visualization of detector status, enhancing workflow efficiency even further.

Everyday Reliability

In addition to highly efficient imaging, EVS W Series DR panels are engineered to reliably deliver comfortable, long-life operation in hospitals, clinics, or remotely in the field. 

  • Error-free & Speedy Wireless Performance (IEEE 802.11ac, 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi)
  • Hot swap battery
  • Advanced IP54 Rating
  • Each EVS Series DR panel is designed and manufactured to the highest standards. IP54 Protection  

Strong, Yet Light

Advanced unibody structure offers robustness while the detector remains lightweight, making it easy for frequent travel and consistent usage.

IP54 Protection

The device provides a protective and waterproof function, ensuring safety against potential damage from fluids and dust.

EVS W Series Panels Brochure

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To discover all the advanced features of the EVS W Series, download the brochure now.

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