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For over 20 years, 1st Source has been a leading provider and integrator of digital diagnostic imaging solutions for both OEMs and end-user customers. We take pride in delivering premium solutions backed by outstanding customer service.

From upgrading your existing X-ray systems to digital radiography (DR), to designing and developing a custom system from the ground up, we can equip your facility with the secure, accurate and efficient imaging solutions you need.

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Portable DR Solutions

For DR imaging that's ready to go
wherever and whenever you need it.

Portable Fluoro Solutions

Fluoroscopic imaging for remote
locations and vulnerable populations.

Chiropractic Solutions

Efficient and affordable
DR systems and chiropractic workstations.

DR Retrofit Solutions

The fast, cost-effective way to maximize
the value of your existing X-ray investment.

Veterinary DR Solutions

Whether in the office or out in the field,
get high quality images faster than ever before.


Due to COVID-19, insurers know that more patients need healthcare services in their homes. From the multi-day battery powered Vision M portable X-ray system to ultrasound and ECG, 1st Source helps you deliver high quality care wherever your patients need it. Whether you need imaging in a private home, nursing home, clinic or hospital, 1st Source has imaging solutions to fit your needs.


Retrofitting your existing X-ray with an IQ Aspire DR panel from 1st Source maximizes your investment and improves your patient care. With high resolution, dose efficient imaging and rapid acquisition, 1st Source DR panels benefit both clinicians and patients.

  • Multiple sizes
  • All day battery
  • Cell phone image review
  • No drop insurance needed

The Simple Way
To Your Ideal
Imaging Solution

1st Source medical imaging consultants are ready to advise you on choosing new or refurbished imaging solutions, or upgrading/retrofitting your existing equipment.

1. Discuss

Schedule a consultation so our experts can understand your challenges and goals.

2. Choose

We simplify the decision process by clarifying your options and their cost-performance ratios.

3. Install

First Source delivers and configures your new imaging solution and trains your end users.